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Agrei Consulting is prepared to make your Microsoft Office 365 migration made easy

It’s commonly known that migrating to the Office 365 cloud platform is a step-by-step process that needs precision handling and expertise in areas that include; technical support and consulting along with project and change management. Whether the migration pertains to a small, medium or large company, there are a number of factors that need to be addressed in a timely and efficient manner in order to avoid issues that would result in delays and unnecessary work interruptions.

The average business just doesn’t have the available resources that would be required to implement and track each individual stage of an Office 365 migration and all that it entails. In addition, any skilled technical staff members that you may have on hand are usually involved with other aspects of your company’s day-to-day technical activities.
Fortunately, these limitations can be compensated for when you engage the services of our highly trained IT staff that can provide comprehensive, fixed-rate Office 365 migration solutions. This will ensure that you will be able to utilize the features and benefits that Office 365 provides, as soon as possible, with no undo delays related to problematic technical, migratory or training issues.

Providing Flexible and Seamless Office 365 Migration Solutions

At Agrei Consulting, we understand that the concept of “one size fits all” just doesn’t apply to the requirements of your business. Our company has had the experience of working with businesses that range from modest operations of up to 25 users all the way to Large Enterprise migrations that have required over 80,000 seats. This means that we are able to assist a small business as it continues to expand and grow as well as effectively manage the needs of a sizable corporation. This is why we offer our Silver, Gold and Platinum Office 365 migration solutions that are tailored to meet your company’s individual requirements.

Fixed-Rate Options Offered with Our Office 365 Migration Solutions

Silver Plan – Agrei Consulting Mailbox Migration Assistance

Our Silver Mailbox Migration Assistance Plan is designed to assist your current IT staff with implementing your company’s migration to Office 365.

Once you have chosen this plan, our select IT professionals will keep in close contact with your Project Manager and IT engineering staff throughout the entire mailbox migration process. This will serve to facilitate a seamless and trouble-free implementation of your selected Office 365 capabilities. We will accomplish this by helping your IT professionals create the appropriate plan that suits your required business functionality along with the necessary training and guidance. This will serve to migrate and implement your desired user email mailbox settings and data from its current location to the cloud platform for 24/7 accessibility. We will also assist with your required workstation configurations and additional Office 365 elements. In this manner, you will have an economical option that allows for a timely and hassle-free Office 365 implementation solution.

The Benefits of the Silver Mailbox Migration Assistance Plan:

• The knowledge provided by our IT staff’s Office 365 Migration experience and expertise
• Avoid extensive business interruptions
• The ability to determine setup and implementation time frames
• Remove any technical and/or configuration guesswork
• Eliminate over budget concerns with a fixed price solution
• Complete Office 365 administration training
• Full support given throughout the entire migration process

Gold Plan – Agrei Consulting Workstation Migration

Our Gold Workstation Migration Plan is designed to provide a more detailed service that will incorporate the benefits of our Silver Mailbox Migration Plan along with the migration of your entire workstation capabilities. This plan is recommended for a business that employs a smaller IT staff or has limited technical resources and/or available time to devote to IT projects.

Similar to our Silver Mailbox Migration Plan, we begin by providing assistance with the details of the entire migration process. This way, we can be sure that everyone is on the same page, which will expedite the process and ensure lack of business interruptions throughout the migration. This phase will allow us to make an assessment of the level of technology that is in current use. We will also detail the migration plan that will be employed in order to transfer your user’s email, calendar and contacts data to the cloud application of Office 365.

The Benefits of the Gold Workstation Migration Plan:

• We provide all of the initial migration and configuration
• Highly trained and experienced Office 365 migration experts
• The ability to remotely install Office 365 components as needed
• The ability to remotely configure your workstations as needed
• Creating a migration plan that avoids business interruptions
• Assisting with Smartphone setups for individual email, contacts and calendar entries
• Assisting with any subsequent issues pertaining to migration
• Continued end user assistance through a centralized point of management.
• Office 365 Administration training for your IT Administrators on-going staff support
• Address budget concerns with a fixed price solution

Platinum Plan – Agrei Consulting Complete Migration with End-User Training

Our Platinum Complete Migration with End-User Training Plan is the total Office 365 migration solution that provides all the benefits of both our Gold Workstation Migration Plan and Silver Mailbox Migration Plan along with the advantages of end-user training. This plan is recommended in situations in which the maximum time efficiency is desired along with the avoidance of tying up other staff members who would be needed for individualized training duties.

Once the Office 365 migration has been completed, we will set up and schedule training for end-users in a group classroom or individual training scenario. The will ensure that your end-users will be adequately prepared to successfully function within the Office 365 work environment.

The Benefits of the Platinum Complete Migration with End-User Training Plan:

• Complete end-user support and instruction
• Comprehensive end-user training from understanding permissions and signing in, to more complex functionality
• Understanding the components that make up Office 365
• No need to interrupt staff members in order to provide training
• Teaching techniques that will allow staff members to productively work in conjunction with one another
• Better budget management capability provided by a fixed price rate


How we run our Migration

Our migration experience and superior technical skills will facilitate your seamless Office 365 migration. While it should be noted that most migrations will entail some level adjustment, the usual procedures are detailed below:


Step One – Migration Planning

The first step of any successful migration project involves a comprehensive step-by-step outline of what is to be accomplished and the order in which the project steps will be initiated. This includes;

• Project Manager selection
• Creating a tracking system to monitor progress and determine potential risks
• Determine parameters of mailboxes (size and number of items)
• Present options for user identification and company department designations and access details.
• Share pertinent migration details with company end-users
• Designate/Assemble the migration professional technical team and responsibilities
• Outline the Office 365 migration steps
• Determine and map out applications that are email-based
• Create the co-existent email plan that will be used during the migration
• Ensure that the technical staff is able to administer Office 365 functionality and daily tasks


Step Two – Migration Readiness


Perform individual tasks to prepare for the Office 365 Migration• The addition and verification of your Office 365 domain name
• Setup and enabling of single sign-on capability
• Setup and configuration of co-existent email capability
• Setup and configuration of SharePoint Online
• Reduce mailbox size as needed
• Ensure that the email coexistence and migration are tested for flawless functionality
• Preparation of Active Directory for on-premises synchronization
• Setup and configuration of Lync Online
• Initiate the deployment of the client’s applications along with the preferred Office 365 desktop configuration
• Train and prepare the customer service desk for impending Office 365 user questions


Step Three – Migration Deployment


Now that all of the details have been completed for the Office 365 planning and readiness tasks, the actual migration steps to Office 365 can commence.


• Address any existing issues that were previously determined
• Alert the staff and all end-users as to the impending deployment of Office 365
• Any remaining documents used for collaboration will be migrated
• Configuration of user mobile phones and applicable devices that will utilize Office 365
• Completion of any remaining steps on the migration schedule
• Users will be assigned their Office 365 licenses for compliance
• All user mailbox information and data will be migrated
• DNS records will be changed
• Complete testing of Office 365 functionality and service will be performed


Step Four – Subsequent Office 365 Migration Support


Now that the actual Office 365 Migration has been completed, we confirm your seamless Office 365 experience by performing a few additional tasks.



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