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IBM Sametime

IBM Sametime deployment services. We have deployed many complex enterprise infrastructures successfully. Some of our deployments have 10s of thousands of seats.

IBM Sametime Licensing Options

IBM Sametime 9.0 introduces a new, simplified packaging model consisting of four editions. IBM made this change to better align the IBM Sametime editions with the way our customers have told us they want to buy and use these products.

Please choose the licensing option that best meets your needs:

IBM Sametime packaging model

Sametime Complete. Sametime Communicate. SametimeConference + Sametime Unified Telephony

IBM Sametime Edition Key features
IBM Sametime Complete Both person-to person and group collaboration
IBM Sametime Communicate Person-to-person collaboration
IBM Sametime Conference Group collaboration
IBM Sametime Unified Telephony Advanced softphone capabilities including intelligent call routing that can integrate with your existing telephony infrastructure.
Add-on to the IBM Sametime Communicate and IBM Sametime Complete editions

All IBM Sametime 9 editions are licensed by authorized user. Simply determine the number of people that would be considered authorized users of the software (please review the IBM Sametime 9 licenses for exact terms and conditions), purchase sufficient entitlements for those users, and you are ready to implement the software. This means you can deploy IBM Sametime 9 software on as many servers as you like. You only need to track the number of authorized users.

IBM Sametime Communicate, IBM Sametime Conference, and IBM Sametime Complete also allow your organization to collaborate with applicable external users at no extra charge. An applicable external user is any person that is not directly affiliated with and paid by your organization such as an employee or contractor who uses IBM Sametime to communicate with an authorized user. For example, an educational institution that provides e-learning services using IBM Sametime Conference would only need to ensure their teachers were appropriately licensed. Students would not need a license, even if tens of thousands were taking online classes.

IBM Sametime Complete

IBM Sametime Communicate

IBM Sametime Conference

IBM Sametime Unified Telephony

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